Razer outs the Ouroboros, a modular ambidextrous gaming mouse

Summer's in high gear and you know what that means? Yep, it's time to turn up the AC and catch up on all those games you've been neglecting because you've been so busy hitting the books. Razer's kicking off the summer with a new gaming mouse that's built for hands of all sizes; big and small, righties and lefties.

We've seen modular gaming mice like the Mad Catz Cyborg, but even so, that mouse was only built for righties. While you can argue that there aren't too many people who game with the mouse on the left side, it doesn't mean that those peeps don't exist.

Clearly modeled after Razer's other ambidextrous mouse, the recently released Taipan, the Ouroboros kicks things up a notch with three adjustable parts: interchangeable side panels, tilt-able back arch and an adjustable length. Depending on the size of your hand, the Ouroboros can be tweaked to accommodate, because no two hands are the same.

On top of the shifty parts is an 8200 DPI 4G tracking system with a laser and optical sensor that allows the Ouroboros to work on any surface, 1 millisecond wireless response time, dedicated DPI clutch trigger and Synapse 2.0 programmable button layout profiles.

And it looks slick as hell with its green LED glow. That's always nice when considering new gaming gear.

Best of all, the Ouroboros has two battery options: a built-in rechargeable NiMH battery and the option of using one AA battery (for when you're out of juice). It can also be tethered to a USB cable, if you're old-school like that.

A mouse with specs that impressive doesn't come cheap, though. It'll set you back $130 and should be available in Q4 2012.

Razer also released updated versions of its flagship BlackWidow mechanical gaming keyboard. Aside from new green LEDs (the old BW's had blue LEDS), the 2013 BW has "enhanced anti-ghosting technology, 10 key roll-over and USB and audio passthroughs." Razer's BW come in three new models: Ultimate ($140), Regular ($100) and Tournament Edition ($80). Look for them in August to match your new Ouroboros.

Via Razer

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