Raunchy robot restaurant entertains (and serves some food)

Tokyo has no shortage of strange food devices and restaurants — from the SushiBot to Capcom's video game inspired restaurants. This one takes the cake and then some. Futuristic robot Amazons, piloted by real girls, roll around with giant trays ready to take your drink order and serve food.

The food and drink might be a bit of a distraction from the floorshow at Robot Restaurant (why spare the creativity on a name, right?). There are marching bands, motorcycles and giant tanks. Every inch of the place is covered in neon flashing light and girls wearing neon or flashing lights, or both.

The food looks pedestrian in comparison, but then again it likely isn't the point of the place. Robot Restaurant is located in Tokyo's Shinjuku Kabukicho district that puts the carnal in carnival.

The restaurant is thought to have cost somewhere around $127 million to build so you'll have to offset the cost with a cover of $37, not including your libations.
But you don't care. You know you'll have a helluva time, although your mom might just say you're going to go to hell for visiting what Eater terms a "breastaurant".

Crunchyroll, via

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