Pic: This was the first photo ever uploaded to the Web

With all the photo uploading and sharing that we do today, we take it for granted that the Web once existed without photos. Unearthed for its 20th anniversary, here is the first photo ever published to the Web, in all of its cheesy glory.

Taken by IT developer Silvano de Gennaro, the photo is a shot of Les Horrible Cernettes, a comedy band that rocked out nearby Geneva's CERN laboratory from 1992.

According to Motherboard's detailed story, the photo shouldn't be judged for its composition merits or low-resolution cutouts of the band members because Gennaro didn't even know that it would become the first photo to be uploaded to the Web.

The story goes like this: Gennaro had shot the photo with a Canon EOS 650 and it just so happened Tim Berners-Lee (father of the Internet) was also working on a new version of the Web (one that could handle photos). Berners-Lee, desperate for a good test photo to try out on his new Web hit up Gennaro's desk. Lucky for Berners-Lee, Gennaro was fooling around with a scanned GIF of the photo on Photoshop 1.0 on a Mac.

The next thing they knew — BOOM — the photo was shot through the tubes of the still young Web.

Yep, the photo you see above is the predecessor of every lolcat, every photo meme, every Instagram that we now upload and share. It all started with a photo of Les Horribles Cernettes.

Motherboard, via The Atlantic

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