What celebrities would look like as everyday people

New York photographer Danny Evans could have made a killing cooking up images for tabloids. He recently started a project whereby he takes some of today's biggest names — such as Jay-Z and Beyoncé, seen above — and edits them to look like "they were never famous." In the words of Sammy Sosa, "It's so real!"

How'd Evans cobble together such lifelike visages that are clearly a sham? He spoke to Co.Design's Suzanne Labarre:

Evans is mum on his process. "I don't like to discuss the technical side of my work," he tells Co.Design, "but I will say that they are photo composites, and not products of age altering software." There is sweet justice in taking Photoshop, the very tool that makes celebrities seem so insufferably flawless, and turning it cruelly against them. The point, Evans says, is "to show celebrities in a different light. [It's] my interpretation of how they might appear if they were never famous."

Looking at the picture above, I have a sudden, overwhelming urge to invite Jay-Z and Beyoncé to D&D night. Below you'll find more celebrities, including Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Kanye, a Kardashian and, full disclosure, a lot of people who a geek reporter without a cable subscription just wouldn't recognize. Evans has been putting his work on this Facebook page as he makes more.

Danny Evans on Facebook, via Co.Design

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