Noisy Typer app adds genuine typewriter sounds to typing

Itching for the good old clackety clack clack typerwriter days when typing actually was a coveted skill and profession for budding white collar workers? Now you can replicate the annoying keyboard sounds on your computer without any hardware modifications.

As somewhat of a typerwriter connoisseur myself, I have a high level of love and appreciation for typewriters. Using one as a child, the typewriter taught me patience (correction tape anyone?) and allowed me to hone my skills doing low-level ASCII art. I absolutely love the clack from old typewriters because, to me, typing itself felt like an art; the way each finger bounced from key to key; the rhythm each key produced — all of it seemed charming on a level that manual labor wasn't.

Noisy Typer brings that nostalgic feeling of having pride for typing. It's a simple app, downloadable here, that adds typewriter sounds on a sytem-wide level to every app. Each letter key, backspace and spacebar has its own authentic typewriter sound. I especially love the "ding" sound mapped to the enter/return key. There are even different sounds for scrolling up and down that replicate winding the paper up and down on a typewriter.

OS X-only for now, Noisy Typer runs in the background and is a fun little "mod" to any Mac. It's also a fun little prank to play an a friend's Mac! I've got it running right now and I don't care how annoying it is for anyone else; it's such an awesome throwback.

Via Free Art & Technology

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