Classic vintage speakers get new guts, but keep iconic looks

These days we have speakers the size of credit cards. With every new update to things we get smaller, sleeker models. Well here's a twist — for these interesting speakers, updating doesn't necessarily mean a newer or sleeker. Tombox speakers have been "re-styled" by taking older speaker models and updating the insides instead changing the outsides.

These speakers are literally one-of-a-kind, each one hand-tuned with existing vintage speaker box parts and updated electronics. This means each model in the collection looks different, but with 3.5 mm input.

There are two different ranges — the smaller range with seven unique speakers and three larger, cabinet style speakers complete with wheels and straps to help move them.

Because each model is unique, once they are gone they are gone so be sure to look carefully at the models to see which ones have a sold sign (two at time of publication). The good news is they will likely have new and interesting items to choose from as production and materials permit.

Fans of old fashioned or hand crafted electronic items will love these and will likely not be too scared of prices starting at $230.

Even though their website involves emailing them for information, now that the word is out people are likely going to snap them up — in fact one of the models from the current collection sold while writing this piece.

And, even though their site warns they are vacation until August 16, someone must be minding the store since the site has been updated, but that just likely means we won't see any new items added until they return.

Tombox, via TechCrunch

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