Concept bandages change color for better wound care

It's time for simple personal bandages for your cuts and scrapes to enter the 21st century. Just covering a wound isn't enough — with today's advances in medicine they should be able to help speed the healing process instead of just getting skanky and falling off in the pool.

The AmoeBAND concept updates wound care by changing color to alert users when a change is needed, and being flexible enough to stay put until it is. It also allows you to check your wound without removing the bandage and exposing it to unnecessary dirt and bacteria. The dressing material covering the cut is sensitive to pH changes in your wound; if the pH is between 6.5 and 8.5, it means infection has been detected and a purple indicator cross alerts the wearer to change the bandage and call your doctor if needed.

The indicator dressing isn't the only change. The overall design has also been improved. Instead of buying a special box of bandages cut to fit common locations such as your thumb or knuckle, the Amoeband comes with perforated lines (as seen in the gallery below) allowing the bandage to be used flat or be easily customized for awkward locations.

The bandages are proposed for a variety of skin tones, and are designed to be durable with a leather-like feel. Even the packaging has been redesigned to dispense the bandages matchbox style, eliminating the need to fiddle with boxes while you are nursing a new wound. To top it all off, the box even includes instructions in braille.

With so many improved ideas it's no wonder the AmoeBAND has been selected as a 2012 IDEA Award Finalist.

Via Yanko Design

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