Minimalist dock lets you slap your iPhone to snooze the alarm

We can deny it to be so, but the smartphone has quietly been displacing the need for owning a watch or a bedside alarm clock. The Snooze iPhone alarm dock brings back that triumphant feeling of slapping an alarm clock's snooze button to get catch a few extra z's.

Most of us aren't morning people and anybody who's ever smacked an alarm clock knows just how great it feels to show it who's the boss. The Snooze iPhone dock lets you slip your iPhone in and then slap the giant SNOOZE button to shut off the alarm or silence incoming calls. It even fits iPhones wrapped in official bumpers.

There's no high-tech gadgetry inside the dock — it's all mechanical. Basically, the top button is hitting the volume buttons on the iPhone, effectively replicating a snooze press, normally found on an alarm clock.

The Snooze costs $40 for a wooden finish and comes with a woven red charging cable or $80 for an aluminum finish and a woven red charging cable.

I'm not one for fancy alarm clocks, but I'm digging the design and if they have a model for the iPhone 5 (or whatever the next one is called), I might have to look into buying one.

As of this writing, the project has over $26,000 in funding with 14 days to reach its $50,000 goal before the product can be manufactured. Here's to hoping this little guy gets funded.

Via Kickstarter

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