Master Lock says sayonara to analog, new locks get electronic UI

The padlock design has remained virtually unchanged for centuries. Master Lock thinks its time for a 21st century facelift, that's why it's replaced the combination wheel on its signature lock with an electronic one and shoved a battery into its caboose.

The 1500EDBX dialSpeed Electronic Combination Lock is the successor to the 1500I Speed Dial Combination Padlocks released in 2010. Whereas the 1500I was the the first combination lock to offer a joystick-like passcode combination, the 1500EDBX has an "electronic directional interface" that allows you to program a security key between four and 12 characters (numbers and letters).

With all those long strings of passwords, one's bound to forget it sometime or other, right? Not to worry. Master Lock also has a cloud-based password backup storage that'll be included with every lock at Although, we suppose writing the password down on a piece of paper and storing it in a secret place will also work the same, too.

Master Lock says that the 1500EDBX is both faster and more secure than any other previous combination locks.

Excuse us if we're a little skeptic to that claim as the lock is battery powered and the product description warns that the 1500EDBX is "For INDOOR USE only. Do not allow lock to get wet." Does the 1500EDBX just fritz out when its battery dies or is yanked out? Will anyone be able to break into my lock once its battery is put out of its misery?

It's also not very reassuring that the 1500EDBX is the future of the combination lock when you need to provide a boatload of videos just to explain how to operate and provide maintenance for a lock. Maybe we're just set in our old-school ways, but a lock shouldn't require any maintenance outside of an oiling every once in a blue moon.

But if you must have an electronic combination lock, Master Lock is selling them for $25.

MasterLock, via GearPatrol

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