Real world Monopoly game takes over Chicago's streets

As street art goes, this project is pretty close to the top of the pile. Taking inspiration from the board game classic Monopoly, an artist (or artists) known by the name of "Bored" has set up oversized sculptures and pavement art in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood.

There are dice, Community Chest cards, houses and property tiles. The pieces, aside from the real estate cards, are able to be picked up and moved and have cheeky messages to discover. You truly never know what you'll find.

That's just the way Bored wants it. It's not clear whether the installation, which started appearing in April, is the work of one person or a collective, but either way he or she or they wish to remain anonymous.

In an email with Christopher Jobson over at This Is Colossal, Bored talks about the Monopoly inspired art:

"The goal of this entire project has been to present something different than a stencil painted on the ground or a poster pasted to a wall. Something 3-dimensional that can be picked up, beaten down, kicked, yanked, grabbed, and broken. And if someone ever put forth the effort to remove it, like a weed it will always grow back. And if left alone it will evolve into something different."

That sounds like a pretty good plan, because, as we all know, anything movable left on the street is fair game.

It's good to know the bits and pieces of tribute to the board game will come and go, change and evolve. I'm sure people like me who are forever doomed to rule the low-rent districts around Atlantic Avenue will be thrilled to know there is hope for a better deal out there, perhaps just around the corner.

I can only wonder though if the giant play money and "Get Out of Jail Free" cards are part of the fixture, or whether these particular items don't hang around long enough for anyone to get a good look.

ThisIsColossal, via IncredibleThings

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