Lego Portal gun has working mechanical prongs and light switches

It took one year of planning and several weeks to build, but in the end YouTuber ferlessleedr completed his Lego Portal gun. The best part is that it "functions," sort of. It's got working prongs and lights that are controlled by a Lego Mindstorm hidden inside the arm unit.

Created as a cosplay costume for the CONvergence 2012, a convention for science fiction and fantasy, this Lego Portal gun is comprised of a nearly 2,000 pieces.

How big of a Lego nut is ferlessleedr? Well, let's just say he probably gets discounts on bricks because he also works at the Lego store in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

CONvergence 2012 cosplayers better watch out. This accessory might just steal the show. Full walkthrough of the Lego Portal gun in the video below.

YouTube, via Geekologie, via Joystiq

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