Lampbrella gives pedestrians somewhere to dodge the raindrops

Don't you hate it when it starts to pour with rain, and you're caught outside without an umbrella? The Lampbrella concept solves that problem, by building communal umbrellas that deploy automatically from the street lamps whenever the sky decides to open up.

Designer Mikhail Belyaev says the Lampbrella will have rain sensors that can deploy the electrically operated umbrella at the first sign of rain. There's even a motion sensor under the canopy, so the umbrella can fold itself up again if nobody is using it.

While positioning yourself under a big metal pole might not seem like the best idea during a thunderstorm, Belyaev says that the post can be made of fiberglass, or it could incorporate a grounding strap that diverts any lightning strike harmlessly to earth.

I'm still trying to figure out why the artist's impression show the Lampbrella on a street with no sidewalks.

Behance, via Treehugger

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