Klepto shark grabs diver's camera, plans to sell it on Craigslist

They say you shouldn't leave your fancy gadgets lying around unattended, but who knew this could be a problem when you're sitting on the ocean floor?

In this video we encounter a Tiger shark who is also apparently a bit of a camera buff. Seeing an opportunity, the shark grabs some poor diver's fancy underwater rig, then swims off into the distance with the diver desperately trying to chase it down.

What's not clear is what the shark planned to do with the camera gear. Perhaps it could try to fence the stuff on Craigslist, or maybe it wanted some new pictures of the kids for their Facebook profile. Who knows?

While it must suck to lose your camera, I guess it's better than if it were a hand or a foot.

The video was shot at Tiger Beach in The Bahamas.

YouTube, via PetaPixel

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