Kinect hack turns body movements into the ultimate music mixer

It's been ages since we've seen a half-decent Kinect hack. These days, the hacks that excite are few and far between. The V Motion Project brings back the Kinect's hacking cred with a motion-based synthesizer that lets you create interactive music with striking visuals in real-time with your body movements.

Created by the collective minds of Jeff Nusz, Joel Little, James Hayday, Paul Sanderson Mike Delucci, Matt von Trott, Jonny Kofoed, Josh Cesan and Zoe Macintosh, the V Motion Project combines BiKinect with Ableton Live audio software, where body movements are mapped to different controls.

Here's a video of how different instruments can be controlled with Kinect:

Down below is the video and motion performance of "Can't Help Myself" in its final form.

We're completely floored at the intuitive interactivity that the V Motion Project brings. Just as we view DJs busting their beats out on a turntable as a type of art, this too can be considered an artistic performance worthy of starting turf wars.

There's a whole lot more of the geeky details on the V Motion Project over at Custom-Logic, so if you're into that kind of thing, have at it.

For now, just enjoy the show and cross your fingers for more of these types of motion performances in the future.

Via Custom-Logic

(Thanks, Dave!)

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