Just some headlights that know how to not illuminate raindrops

Visibility is a pretty important aspect of driving, and since most of us don't have Starship Enterprise technology, heavy rain can present a problem. Headlights can help (maybe laser ones will help more), but headlights have a nasty habit of reflecting the rain back at you. Until now.

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University created a system that uses a digital projector will detect and remove those streaks left by raindrops and snowflakes.

Hmm. Enterprise, anyone?

It illuminates the raindrops for a split-second and figures out how they are falling. Then it shuts off the beams of light that would illuminate those particular drops. It can do this up to four meters in front of the car.

Obviously, this means less light is coming out the headlights. But it also means less glare is being reflected back, making for higher visibility and safer driving.

The system has been tested in a lab and in a Toyota Prius and was shown to remove 70 percent of streaks while moving at 30 kilometers per hours but at 100 kilometers, its effectiveness drops to 15 to 20 percent.

Via Gizmodo

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