Just wow: Steve Wozniak's backpack crammed full of gadgets

Outspoken Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak shared a photo of what he carries in his travel backpack with Gizmodo and it's just unbelievable how much gear the guy needs to have on him. Does anyone really need all of these gadgets in at any given time?

We love Woz. He might not work at Apple anymore or have any influence on the company's new products, but he's always honest and speaks the truth.

This is what Steve Wozniak carries around in his 50 pound backpack that's reportedly made him shorter over the years (click to enlarge):


In the photo above, you can easily spot two iPhone 4S's, two Galaxy Nexus', a Droid Razr, two Verizon 4G MiFi hotspots, an iPod Nano, a Lacie hard drive, an iPad, iPad keyboard, Jambox, Canon battery charger, Kindle, Mophie battery case (for iPhones), two 3G Verizon MiFi hotspots, two Garmin GPSes, two Mutewatches, and a ton of retractable USB cables and chargers.

That's not even all of it, Woz is so badass that he has even more crap gadgets in his backpack (guess the guy never heard of "packing light"):

• the AirPort Express and MacBook Pro 85W magsafe adapter, which are out of sight in this photo, • bluetooth mouse, • binoculars, • projector connectors, • multiple Gameboy Lights (a Gameboy sold in Japan but never in the U.S.), • Gameboy link cables, • plenty of foreign AC adapters, • prism glasses for watching movies in bed, • sunglasses, • earplugs for concerts, • Ultimate Ears UE18 earplugs for flights, • Gameboy link cable, • tons of pencils for pencil games on flights, • tons of pens, • tons of sharpies, • tons of paint pens (signing), • red-blue-purple-yellow-green laser pointers, • credit cards, • hotel cards, • airline cards, • hard rock card, • medical cards, • small accessories like olloclip iPhone lens adapter, • Square, • flash keys, • flash media adapters, • cigarette lighter dual USB adapter, • audio doubler cable, • iPad USB/SD Card adapters, • toiletries for hotels, • batteries of many types (AA, AAA, CR2, CR128, odder types for things like my bag beeper for locating my suitcase) • eyedrops, • $2 bill pads, • pencil puzzles, • itineraries for upcoming travel...

Yeah, the man carries multiple Game Boys and Game Boy link cables (we wonder what multiplayer games he plays with the cable) on him. No 3DS or PS Vita for Woz; this guy is old-school all-the-way.

Oh, and getting through airport security? It's a nightmare. The affable guy needs to empty ALL of it into trays. And he does it every time he flies with patience. How does anybody not love Woz?

Via Gizmodo

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