Jedi Master Yoda shows up in London courtesy of Vodafone

If you thought Japan was the only country shamelessly using our venerable Jedi masters to shill new products you would be wrong. It turns out that one of the UK's leading telecoms has also decided to employ the ways of the Force.

Vodafone recently unveiled a new promotion in which customers can use any one of 1,000 specially equipped taxis to charge their mobile phones. To promote the service, the company teamed up with Lucasfilm to put Yoda in the back seat of one of London's iconic livery cabs. The commercial is short, but in it we get to see the old Jedi master engage in some witty banter with the driver, and even use his midichlorians to change a traffic light from red to green.

You can see Yoda being shuttled through the streets of London in the video below.

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