iPhone case doubles as a battery and a stun gun

We all know the fictional story of Batman, a man who suffered a family assault and responded by going vigilante and creating crime fighting gadgets to protect the city. But how would you feel if such a story were real? That's the question the iPhone stun gun case presents.

Louisiana resident Seth Froom claims he experienced an assault last year, which then inspired him to create the Yellow Jacket iPhone stun gun case. The case not only delivers a potent shock, but it also serves as a hefty backup battery for your smartphone.

At present the device, which the creator hopes to sell for $125, is listed as a project on the Indiegogo crowdfunding site. And while the idea itself seems like a clever way to increase one's personal safety, the device's intent and pitch video, which includes a disturbing assault reenactment, seems to stray from the positive and aspirational sentiments most associate with the iPhone.

Along those lines, the general public appears to have some misgivings about the device because, as of this writing, it has only garnered $28,000 of the $100,000 the creator is seeking. With only 13 days left for the funding campaign, it doesn't look like the Yellow Jacket will manage to reach its goal.

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