Infographic visualizes the Web's massive, constant flow of data

We knew Web had hit the big time when it was honored via classy interpretive dance during the opening of the Olympics. There were star-crossed lovers texting and dancing galore, but where were the actual numbers? No self-respecting ode to data can be made without, well, actual data.

Well, here's the real ode to the Web full of numbers on the colossal amount of activity that takes place every minute of the day via the Web. It's enough to make your head spin.

It's worth noting that like a car being driven off the lot, this graphic was likely already out of date not long after it hit the streets. For example, there are likely way more 100,000 tweets being sent per minute during the Games. In fact, organizers just called for people to cut back on their Twitter activities just to save bandwidth. That's gotta be a lot of tweets!

The graph makes a great baseline though to get us into the ballpark on a normal day and it's pretty amazing.

(Click to enlarge.)


Via ThisIsAwesome

Infographic created by Domo.

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