Image of the Day: Here's NASA's next spacesuit

Since the future of space exploration is open to various destinations (the moon, asteroids, Mars?), versatility was the key word for the Z-1 prototype.

Here's a brief rundown of the Z-1 and it's accoutrements, courtesy of Popular Mechanics' Mary Beth Griggs:


Astronauts step into the full suit through the back port. This port will mate with the spacecraft, enabling an astronaut to enter the suit from inside the craft for extravehicular activity. Another advantage: When used in low to no atmosphere, the port conserves more air than a conventional air lock.


The Z-1 has bearings at the waist, hips, upper legs, and ankles to allow an astronaut greater mobility--essential for retrieving soil and rock samples in tough terrain.


This provisional outer covering conceals a heavily engineered inner suit; a layer of urethane-coated nylon retains air, and a polyester layer allows the suit to hold its shape.

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Via Popular Mechanics

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