Hyper-realistic Dark Knight 3D street art doubles as portal to hell

This picture of a 3D painting of Gotham City pretty much kills any other street art we've seen. This vertigo-inducing sight has been making the rounds of the Interwebs today and it's easy to see why. Is Gotham rising from the bowels of the Earth, or is the street collapsing into a dark hell?

Does it matter? Not really, although the guy at the edge looks like he needs to stop mugging for the camera before he falls into whatever it is.

This art was created in Madrid to mark the European premiere of The Dark Knight Rises this week, and joins all the other stuff popping up around the premiere, including this Nokia Batphone and a video montage of all of Batman's gadgets.

The only bummer about this is the name of the artist responsible for the Dark Knight street art is nowhere to be found. Hopefully someone will out the person or persons who had the mad skills to create this so they get the credit they deserve.

Via Geekologie

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