History's most famous photos recreated with Star Wars toys

Similar to Kristina Alexanderson's Stormtrooper portraits, David Eger challenged himself to take a photo every day of Clone Trooper action figures either recreating a historic picture or event for an entire year. Here's history, reinterpreted with a Star Wars twist.

If the name Eger sounds familiar, you probably already know all about his "365 Days of Clones" photo series. What you might not have known is that he also did another series called "365 Alternative Days of Clones" that involved other supporting Star Wars action figures.

Both of those photo series were completed in 2011, but Eger hasn't stopped.

His latest series is called "52 Weeks of Star Wars" and is a weekly photo set that shows the other toy faces of the Star Wars universe. It's well worth a look at after you check out Eger's famous photo recreations in the gallery down below.

How many do you recognize?

365 Days of Clones, via DesignBoom

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