High-tech dollhouse gives geeky girls space to tinker

You won't find a dollhouse like "Roominate" at your local toy store. Right now, it's just a Kickstarter project — one that's already funded — but it promises to give young girls with a genuine curiosity for tech a playground to tinker and learn.

According to the Roominate project page, the dollhouse is the work of a trio of Stanford graduate students who "wish they saw more women in their upper level math and science classes." With that goal in mind, Roominate isn't about dinner placements and furniture layouts, but rather building your own furniture and wiring up the house so that it's got working lights, fans and more.

What your Roominate dollhouse ends up looking like is up to you. It starts out as a "kit of wooden building pieces and circuit components," and ends up as stackable rooms that join up to form the house proper. Those circuit boards are even color-coded to help budding geeks figure them out. It may not be the prettiest dollhouse out there, but it's less about decorating a space and more about engineering it from the ground-up.

You can check out more about Roominate in the video below, and the Kickstarter itself is a pretty informative read about the makings of the project, too.

As a kid, if I had a friend with something like this, I totally would have wanted her to show me the ropes.

Roominate on Kickstarter, via CNET

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