Hello Kitty and KISS toilet paper rocks your restroom

Would you describe it as an unholy alliance or the cutest collaboration (cutest collaboration) ever made? Toilet paper featuring Sanrio's beloved Hello Kitty channeling the dark allure of KISS members may be surprising but come on, you know this odd pairing is going to be a collectable gold mine!

The famous feline sheds her adorable pink garb for black, and adds the trademark face makeup that channels KISS. Traditionalists will be comforted to see both parties agreed on keeping some pink in the bows and of course an interpretation of Gene Simmons' tongue.

This isn't some knockoff, back alley operation either. Animenewsnetwork.com reports Gene Simmons himself confirmed meeting with Sanrio execs to hammer out a deal.

The unusual toilet paper will be part of a collection of collaborative items that already includes the Hello Kitty plush dolls that recreate the famous faces on KISS' Dynasty album shown below. The swag will be sold at KISS concerts worldwide.

It sounds like genius to me.

If you are brave enough to use the toilet paper for the purpose it was intended I applaud you. Personally I wouldn't want the faces of either of these brands responsible for wiping my bum…that would be uber-creepy for me. I think I'd rather just behold the awesomeness of the pairing sitting around scaring my other collectibles.

Animenewsnetwork.com, via Trendhunter

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