Have $1.25 million? Buy a functional flying car from the 1950s

Just because Doc Brown's future has no roads doesn't mean the dream of a flying car is dead. With flying cars like the Terrafugia, the idea still lives. But, if you absolutely must have yourself a flying car, you can buy this vintage one from the 1950s for over a million bucks.

Why is aircraft collector Greg Herrick giving up his 1954 Taylor Aerocar N-101D flying car? Speaking with the Smithsonian, Herrick says his collecting interests have changed and that he's more interested in "the golden age of aviation between the wars — in particular the aircraft that were almost lost to history."

Simply put: his collection of over 40 aircraft is starting to get too big and the Aerocar just doesn't fit in.

Designed by Moulton Taylor in 1949, the Smithsonian says that only five Aerocars were ever produced. And if you watch the video below from 1951, you'll hear it marketed as a 60 mile per hour buggy that could be changed from car to plane in minutes. "No more trouble than changing a tire and a lot more fun!"

Still sold on a flying car? Get that checkbook out and write Herrick the $1.25 million check he's asking for. Yeah, it's no Jetson flying car, but this is classic 1950 stuff!

Via Smithsonian

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