About time: A hands-free toilet paper dispenser

For the most part, the toilet paper inside of a public restroom is clean and safe to use on your rear. For the times when you're afraid that someone might have compromised the roll, the Camitool hands-free electric toilet dispenser will put your fears to rest.

Developed by Shikoku, the Camitool is a toilet paper dispenser that's activated by a proximity sensor. The key selling point to the Camitool is that it cuts the toilet paper, whereas there are already toilet paper dispensers that electronically roll it out (similar to a paper towel dispenser). When a hand is placed in front of the sensor, toilet paper can be cut in three lengths: 60, 90 and 120 centimeters. This should dramatically cut down on toilet paper waste and jerks who just waste entire rolls on purpose.

Shikoku believes that the Camitool is "an effective way to improve hygiene" because germs normally carried by touch would eliminated. The company also says that Camitool is ideal for people with disabilities such as rheumatism.

Available only at hospitals in Kagawa, Japan, the Camitool isn't exactly cheap. Plastic models run $750 and wooden ones cost $1,200. Is a hands-free toilet paper dispenser that also cuts it worth the skyrocket price? My bet is that most businesses will probably just invest in more hand soap. But for germaphobes, this is the toilet paper dispenser you've been waiting your entire life for!

DigInfo, via YouTube

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