Google Street View gets all geeked out with ASCII-vision

Google Street View has given us the keys to the next best thing to being there. They've covered just about every global biggie, but if that's failing to float your boat anymore there's a new mod in town. There's a team who have figured out how render Google Street View in ASCII.

Oh yes friends, your eyes will hurt and you'll probably like it.

The team/artists behind this effect give you two choices — view the world in real-time ASCII "art" via WebGL or view their pre-coded shots from the Google Street View Panorama library.

If you choose the live option, you can take a look at their map and try to get a view of your location. If it finds you, it will automatically rotate for you rather than the traditional arrow and gives you a green color mode for clarity.

Yes, yes we know it's not without its limitations given that sometimes it just can't find you or render your location. This is ASCII folks, and making pictures with it is really more of an art project than a perfected science (at this point).

If you can't get the view you are looking for you still get some eye candy through the pre-coded options that come up with each new page load. They dug into the Google Street View Panorama library for some fun shots like the one of the White House seen below.

Before trying it out note that you'll need to have Chrome, Firefox 8+ or another browser that supports CORS WebGL textures. With that said, enjoy:

ASCII Street View

Note: Digital art is an interesting developing art form; you can read about the artistry involved in this project via Teehan+Lax Labs.

ASCII Street View, via Geekosystem

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