Get ready to line up: iPhone 5 likely to launch in September

iPhone fans won't have much longer to wait. With the last leak of parts all but confirming the next iPhone's larger screen and slimmer profile, all ears are now hearing that Apple will announce the smartphone in early September with a launch shortly after.

According to iMore, September 12 is looking like the date that the iPhone 5 will be unveiled and September 21 the release date.

The Loop's well-informed Jim Darymple has also confirmed the dates with his famous one-word nods, "Yep."

To recap, here's a list of things to expect from the next iPhone: a slimmer profile with a reinforced back metal plate, a smaller 19-pin dock connector, re-engineered speakers and a headphone jack positioned on the bottom (as opposed to the top) and a larger 4-inch Retina display with a 1136x640 resolution.

It's still unclear if Apple will include NFC in the next iPhone, but 4G LTE should be a lock, considering it's available on the new iPad.

On the software side of things, Apple's next smash hit will likely ship with iOS 6, which includes a smarter Siri, 3D Maps, system-wide Facebook integration, FaceTime over 3G, unified Apple ID and phone number, iClouds Tabs-enabled Safari, Passbook and more.

As if a new iPhone announcement wouldn't be enough, iMore claims that Apple might even announce the much rumored 7.85-inch iPad "mini" at the same event. Yesterday, 9to5Mac posted photos of alleged iPad mini cases that show a design that borrows from the iPod Touch (separate volume buttons), more prominent speakers and the same "pill" shaped dock connector present on the leaked iPhone 5 parts.

So get out your camping chairs out because something tells us this year's lines are going to longer than ever before.

iMore, via The Loop

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