Gallery: These beached fish aren't what you'd expect

As any beachgoer will tell you, coming across a fish washed up on the beach isn't pleasant. Nor is finding discarded plastic bottles junking up the environment. This massive fish sculpture, painstakingly made from used plastic bottles, is just the opposite. These fish you definitely want to see.

This stunning and intricate display was created on Botafogo beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the UN Conference on Sustainable Development at the end of June. If you didn't love the fish for the artistry of the installation, then you have to give props to the creators for neatly tying in themes from the conference.

Since plastics in the oceans are the very things that hurt fish and their environment, it's pretty cool the artists found a way to draw users' attention to discarded plastics in a memorable way.

We search for more information on the fish because being the info geeks that we are here at DVICE, we wanted to know how many bottles it took and how this whole thing was put together.

If we get the scoop we'll let you know, in the meantime enjoy the gallery!

If you are a fan of sculptures made from recycled items check out the Pegasus made from smartphones, or some scrap metal Transformers.

LikeCool, via ThisIsColossal

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