Gallery: 6 iPhone prototypes that never saw the light of day

Comical as Samsung and Apple's court feuds over smartphone and tablet design are, there's at least one great thing that's come out of it all: Apple prototypes. Six more early iPhone prototypes have been revealed with designs that bare little resemblance to today's iPhone.

Discovered by Buzzfeed's FWD, the iPhone prototypes provide a look at what could have been, but ultimately wasn't. There's an octagonal iPhone with a beveled rear that kind of reminds us of a Motorola Droid RAZR, one that resembles a Nokia Lumia 900, one without a home button, one that looks like a fatter version of the iPod Touch (first-gen), one with a stretched form factor, and one that looks like a iPod Nano, but wider and thicker.

Of course, none of these designs are expected to make a return for the next iPhone, which is rumored to have a larger 4-inch Retina display, re-arranged audio jack, smaller nano SIM card, better speakers, better camera and more in a slimmer unibody metal chassis.

Which of these prototype designs do you like most?


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