E.T. anniversary Blu-ray comes in an awesome animated spaceship

It's been 30 years since the movie E.T. had everyone lining up at the box office, so what better time to swoop in with a special edition package tempt your wallet. After all, people who loved the movie as kids in 1982 are just now entering their peak earning years, with cash to spend on a little childhood nostalgia.

The E.T. 30th Anniversary limited edition Blu-ray package comes loaded for bear with extra features, but most awesome of all is the package itself. A silver model of E.T.'s spaceship opens up to the sound of John Williams' theme music, while the steps lower to reveal E.T. himself. It's enough to send a baby boomer diving for the Reeses Pieces.

As physical media sales dwindle with more people streaming their movies online, the big studios are coming up with ever more ridiculous special edition packages to lure your pocketbook. This one seems to be a new pinnacle in silliness.

The E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Anniversary Edition - E.T. Spaceship w/ BD Combo Pack will be available as an Amazon.com exclusive from October 12 for about $140. If that price makes you think you'll need to phone home for permission, you can also get the same basic thing but without the spaceship for about $24.

Amazon, via Digital Journal

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