Concept captures and prints smells for drool-worthy photography

Every foodie drools over photos of culinary triumphs in magazines or on sites like Pintrest. Well, prepare yourselves for a conceptual device that takes a photo of your food, captures the smell and then drops the combined image/smell on a postcard to send to your foodie friends.

Dang. Can we agree the holy grail of food photography may have been found?

The inner workings of the prototype device aren't clear other than it contains a camera and a smell extractor to capture the visual and aromatic essence of the food. Perhaps appropriately it looks a little bit like a pepper mill:


The device is also the printer for your aromatic little postcard. Naturally, it uses aroma ink to achieve the glorious smelling pictures that are just right to send as postcards.

The props go to industrial design student Zhu Jingxuan from the Fashion & Art Design Institute of China's Donghua University who came up with the idea. He created the concept and sketches and saw the prototype through to fruition as part of Sony's Student Design Workshop.

His nine day and night marathon creative session with ten Sony Designers paid off with his concept winning the "most fun" award during the workshop.

Being the foodie I am I naturally have questions like how strong is the smell; would it make it through the mail? How long would the smell last? Can it capture all ranges of smell — sweet, savory, etc.? Could it be used for wine or spirits?

All these questions just point to the fact that the foodie audience — and the industries that cater to us — would no doubt love to experiment with this thing.

Knowing Sony, if they saw enough potential to get it to prototype phase no doubt they'll be tinkering with it in their labs until it's ready for store shelves.

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