Color coded LED alert keeps you updated on tweets, emails and more

Recently, the art of multi-tasking has earned a bit of bad reputation as an inefficient way to work. But that won't stop millions of us from trying, so to make the tentacle tasking go down easier, a group of programmers built a simple visual assistant.

The device is called the Blink(1), a color coded USB LED visual indicator that can be programmed to alert you to any number of computer events including incoming email, Twitter and Facebook status updates, download completions and even changes in the weather. Although the device is simple, the team (ThingM from Los Angeles) has developed apps that allow a non-programmer to easily set the light to alert the user to nearly any event imaginable. There's even a BlinkATweet app that assigns a certain blinking color to any Twitter keywords you might be keeping an eye on.

The design team launched the project on Kickstarter and quickly blew past its funding goal of $29,000 with current pledges standing at $83,000. The final retail price for the device, which works on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, will be $30. You can see the Blink(1) in action in the video below.

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