Dunkin' Donuts experiments with subliminal coffee advertising

Sure, we all want our morning cup of coffee. But if you are on your way to work and you feel compelled beyond reason to stop and get a cup, look around you. That drive for some caffeine may be coming to you by way of an ad campaign combining the irresistible smell of coffee with a Pavlovian jingle.

It seems in the extremely competitive coffee marketplace of Seoul, Korea, Dunkin' Donuts wasn't the first place people thought of for their cup of joe. In a bid to correct what is surely an oversight, the Double D created "Flavor Radio" and placed it on city buses.

The device looked just like a normal air freshener, but inside lurked the alluring aroma of coffee. At key points during the ride, the air freshener would spill out the fragrance, coupled with a jingle for Dunkin' Donuts.

Perhaps not coincidentally, often times commuters would find themselves at a stop that had a Dunkin' Donuts nearby. Oh, you clever mad men!

While Dunkin' Donuts claims there are no plans to roll this out here in the States, I'll bet we see someone else using a version of "Flavor Radio" in the future. After all, the company claims visitors to its stores near bus stops rose 16% during the campaign, and overall coffee sales jumped by 29%.

It seems the future of advertising includes anything interactive that will get our attention. Not even buses are safe.

For the record though, the smell of fresh roasted coffee on my bus route would be a welcome change. If it is going to be invasive, it might as well smell good right?

TheNextWeb, via Tecca

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