Borderlands 2 'Wimoweh' trailer shows you Pandora's wild side

The setting for Borderlands 2, the Mad Maxian world of Pandora, is a savage jungle to be sure. It's packed full of bloodthirsty beasts that roam the land and skies, mutant bandits of every shape and size, robotic hordes that assault you from a distant moon base, and loads and loads of crazy guns to shoot everything mentioned.

If you're familiar with Borderlands, then hopefully you're not really reading this and you're already watching the trailer below.

If you aren't familiar, let me toss a few key words your way: guns, loot, experience, insane skills you buy with experience, bigger guns, exploding heads, better loot, skags on fire. Oh, and Claptrap.

Developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games, Borderlands 2 is due out Sept. 18. Gearbox has detailed some sweet rewards if you opt to pre-order the game.

Via Borderlands 2

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