Bike pedals that double as locks will stymie thieves

U-locks are ok, and monster chains are a bit better but we all know thieves can be crafty when picking a lock, no matter what the size. What if there was an easy way to prevent your bike from being usable should someone tinker with your lock? That's exactly the idea behind bike pedals that also serve as your bike lock.

Sounds like a winner right?

The lightweight pedals simply detach from their customary spots and are buckled to the wheel via the iron pole out of one of the pedals. Then use your key to lock it. If someone decides to tinker with the lock they end up breaking the pedals and a quick getaway is out of the question.

Though professional bike thieves will scoff and say pedals can easily be replaced, it's unlikely they'd want to go to the trouble of being caught trying to dismantle this new kind of lock or trying to unload a bike with no pedals.

See, you're already one step ahead of the competition!

The Pedal Locks come from designers Cheng-Tsung Feng and Yu-Ting Cheng and the product has won the 2012 iF Product Design Award and the 2011 Red Dot Award: Design Concept, Best of the Best.

We know there are lots of Interesting bike locks out there, but this concept seems like it's on the right track!

Cheng-Tsung, via Inhabitat

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