Awesome photo: NYC's insane storm as seen from an airplane

On Wednesday an amazingly powerful concentrated rain storm passed over New York City. I should know, I was at the airport when the power went out, and soon every flight was delayed for hours. Former New York Giants linebacker Dhani Jones was luckier however, because his flight got off the ground just in time for him to snap this incredible picture of the storm dumping its water over Queens.

Jones grabbed the shot just as his flight from La Guardia was climbing past the storm, and it clearly shows how concentrated and powerful the rain from this storm was.

Jones posted the picture to his Instagram and Twitter accounts, giving his blessing for people to repost the shot. It turns out that the image is no fluke, and that Jones acually takes his photography very seriously. You can check out some of his other work here.

I'm just glad I was inside the terminal when that sucker passed overhead.

Via Slate

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