Augmented reality tags lets you put an animation on any surface

Because of the many different applications associated with augmented reality, many people are still unaware of the innovations possible within the growing platform. But a new, simple to use app may change all that.

LZRTAG is an application that allows anyone to put a two-dimensional animation on any real world surface. You just upload your animation, then download and print out the marker tags and stick them to any surface. Those tags can then be read by with any smart phone using the augmented reality app. Although commercial enterprises can license LZRTAG, the app and service are free for the general public.

The animation tags last for at least six months and the company claims the whole thing is anonymous (except for your IP address), which means this would be the perfect platform for a creative multimedia graffiti artist to leverage in some cool new way. You can see LZRTAG in action in the video below.

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