Artist converts drab train underpass into giant-sized Lego

Do you know why train underpasses are so boring to look at? They're gray, gray, and usually more gray. But if more train underpasses were transformed into giant Lego bricks, like this one by artist Megx, we'd be more apt to stare at them.

German artist Martin "Megx" Heuwold wins the Internet this week with the complete overhaul of this train underpass into colorful Lego. Located in Wuppertal, Germany, the Lego bridge took an entire team four weeks to paint from start to finish and covers 250 square meters of underpass.

And you know what? We absolutely love it. In fact, we demand every dark underpass to be spruced up in Lego form.

We're going to go ahead and crown it the world's most beautiful train underpass.

Megx, via Designboom

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