Arduino-enabled plant can water itself, no longer needs humans

Thanks to the miracle of modern technology, plants are now able to throw off the cruel chains of human oppression and survive without our help, provided they have access to an Arduino board, a water pump and a reliable source of electricity.

Randy Sarafan, who we have to assume was tired of murdering his plants, decided to rig up a houseplant with enough brains to water itself when it needed it. He accomplished this with one of those good-for-everything Arduino boards, a soil moisture sensor and a water pump. When the pump detects that the plant needs water, the Arduino kicks in the water pump, which provides the plant with a drink. As long as the power holds out and you remember to water the reservoir, you'll never have to remember to water the plant. Brilliant!

For those of you who are exceptionally lazy, it's possible to hook this system up to run off of a rain barrel and perhaps a solar cell, in which case the plant really would be entirely self-sufficient. Just imagine: plants using rainwater and solar power to keep themselves alive without us: it absolutely boggles the mind.

To try out this system for yourself, you can follow Randy's Instructable at the link below.

Instructables, via Make

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