An even slimmer PlayStation 3 could be right around the corner

Sony might be keeping its lips sealed on the inevitable PlayStation 4, but that doesn't mean it can't still release smaller and slimmer PS3 models. A newly unearthed FCC filing suggests that Sony could show off a "super slim" PS3 at next month's Gamescom.

Three years since Sony last downsized the PlayStation 3, Sony could be prepping yet another revision. Although the FCC posting discovered by Japanese blog PocketNews doesn't really show anything other a new model sporting a "CECH-4001" model number, it's very likely that a new reworked PS3 is coming.

Diehard PS3 fans will know that the original "fat" PS3's carried the 2000-series model numbers and the slim PS3 is the 3000-series (announced at Gamescom 2009). Logically speaking, a 4000-series model number would mean a new PS3 model.

If you remember your PlayStation history, Sony shrank the the PlayStation 2 three times — the first in 2004 (SCPH-70000), again in 2006 (SCPH-70001) and then once more in 2007 (SCPH-79000); the latter two being just refinements of the first slim model.

At last year's Gamescom, Sony revealed the "poor man's" PlayStation Portable.

What will this year bring? A super slim PS3 would be great, but you know what would be even better? If it was also cheaper and had Gaikai cloud gaming.

FCC via PocketNews via GameSpot

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