Amazon poised to sell up to six new Kindle Fire tablets

Stop! Don't pull that trigger last year's Kindle Fire just yet, new Kindle Fire tablets are coming. One major retail giant just let it slip that Amazon's preparing up to six Kindle Fire tablets for release.

Rest assured, while most of the rumors as of late have been in regard to Amazon building a smartphone, the company should be due to update its Kindle Fire tablets very soon. And if Reuters' report is right, then good things are on the horizon:

Amazon is to introduce up to five or six tablet SKUs, or stock-keeping units, according Demos Parneros, president of U.S. Retail for Staples Inc (SPLS.O), which sells the Fire.

The tablets will be different sizes, including a 10-inch model, Parneros said.

Back in May, Reuters reported that Amazon would launch an 8.9-inch Kindle Fire tablet. And earlier this month, AllThingsD reported that Amazon's updated Kindle Fire would sport a sharper 1200x800 resolution display, include a built-in camera and cut the weight and thickness to directly compete with Google's new Nexus 7 tablet (16GB model is already sold out in the U.S. and U.K.).

Five to six new tablet models from Amazon might seem like overkill, but if you think about it, it's not. As Samsung is apt to agree, one size doesn't fit all, and Amazon could split the Kindle Fire tablet from being a single 7-inch tablet to one that also includes an 8.9-inch and 10-inch model.

Whether Amazon will try to reduce the price of a Kindle Fire by adding an ad-supported model as it already does with its Kindle e-reader remains to be seen.

Again, if you're in the market for a Kindle Fire, it's probably better to wait; new ones are only a few months away.

Via Reuters

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