Age Man Suit lets you experience your body as a 75-year-old

Doctors spend a lot of time looking for ways to improve the lives of the elderly without actually knowing how it feels to be an older person engaging an active environment. Now researchers have come up with a way to give physicians new insight into their world.

Developed by Rahel Eckardt at the Evangelical Geriatrics Center in Germany, the Age Man Suit is specifically designed to force a younger person to experience the physical limitations of the elderly. The 22-pound suit includes ear flaps to muffle hearing, a yellow visor to obscure sight, padded gloves to dull the sense of touch, and knee and elbow pads to restrict joint movement.

Eckardt hopes the suit, made to simulate the body of a person 75 years or older, will encourage more empathy from physicians tasked with an increasing amount of geriatric care as the human lifespan continues to increase.

via Guardian

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