A brilliant idea: glowing collars for dogs

If we humans adorn ourselves with glow sticks and wristbands to make us stand out at places like concerts, it stands to reason the same idea would work to make Fido stand out on the street on a dark summer night. Unless your dog is one of those cloned versions with the glowing built into their genes, a neon glowing collar might be the only thing that could save their life.

The only problem is, if your dog is anything like mine, they would reduce the traditional glow stick to a pile of shredded plastic and endanger herself with the chemicals inside. At the very least there would be a spectacular mess.

Reflector strips that attach to the collar just don't seem bright enough to do a proper job either.

A solution is in sight as the Glowdoggie LED collar takes the best part of the glow stick idea — the glowing light, and improves on it by using LEDs for the brightness. It's all contained in one tube that slips over the dog's head and automatically turns itself on and off via motion sensor chips. While it is 100 percent waterproof and sturdy, it isn't meant to replace your dog's normal collar, which you would normally attach a leash.

The Glowdoggie collar comes in several sizes and varying degrees of brightness. The collars are battery powered — with one model using recharable batteries — and come in several neon colors. They start at $49.99.

On behalf of dog owners everywhere who are blessed with overly enthusiastic and common sense deprived dogs, this stands out as one really bright idea. Instead of having to rely purely upon chance as to whether my dog will accurately interpret "stop" as anything other than meaning "go ahead and dart around like a lunatic," I can rely on the collar to alert motorists that something might be headed for the roadway in front of them.

Can you hear my huge sigh of relief?

Woofproofed, via LostAtEMinor

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