A network security device that looks like a surge protector

Security, both online and in real life, is something that can always be improved. One of those recent improvements, for online heath, is a remote access machine that looks like one of the most common office tools there is: a surge protector.

Funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Pwnie Express created this gadget. The $1,295 device is called the Power Pwn and might be a godsend to network administrators.

The Power Pwn hides Bluetooth and Wi-Fi adapters among other hacking and remote access tools. This way, security experts can quietly access networks to have a look around with no one being any the wiser.

It can even be controlled though a cellular network with a "text-to-bash" feature that lets users send commands to the device through SMS messages. You can even use Siri voice-recognition software to do this.

It's a sturdy device that can easily be sent through the mail, and set-up and quick and painless.

Via Wired

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