$99 Ouya console to usher in the zombie apocalypse

Since it was first announced, the fervor over the Ouya console has been crazy. Like over $5 million worth of crazy. Now, Ouya has secured its first exclusive game, one that comes from a video game industry heavyweight and is all about zombies.

The Ouya is definitely an exciting platform. It's super cheap, funded by the people and laser-focused on gaming and the culture surrounding it. The one big question: what games will it play? The Ouya's smartphone-like guts won't be able to power full-bodied, next generation games, but that doesn't mean it won't be able to offer the same kind of experience you get from the likes of Xbox Live, where titles like Braid, Bastion and Limbo shine. In other words, hopefully Angry Birds won't be the console's big selling point.

With all that in mind, Ouya's taking a step in the right direction after announcing an exclusive prequel to Human Element, a forthcoming zombie survival game being developed by Call of Duty franchise veteran Robert "Fourzerotwo" Bowling. Human Element isn't due out until 2015 for whatever will succeed the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but Bowling's studio, Robotoki, is planning an episodic, Ouya-only prequel that will dive into the fiction surrounding just how everything went south. Human Element takes place 35 years after the dead ran the living out of town, so there's plenty of room for backstory there.

Bowling was an early backer of the vision behind Ouya — he put $10,000 toward the console's Kickstarter. (According to the rewards listed, that means he gets his name engraved on the first run of consoles, a dinner with its creators and their eternal love.)

Ouya on Kickstarter and Human Element, via Giant Bomb

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