$1.4 million mech seats one pilot, has smile-activated weapons

At last, you can now fulfill your Gundam fantasies, sorta. Suidobashi Heavy Industries is selling a real build-to-order Kuratas mech suit, but only if you hand them $1.4 million and promise to only use it to fight alien scum.

At 13-feet tall with a weight of four tons, the Kuratas No. 001 is not your everyday transport of choice. We're not even sure if you need to have a license to drive this thing or if it's even street legal in any country.

According to Suidobashi Heavy Industries' demo video (below), it runs on the V-Sido robot operating system with a steering control system that can used to operate the arms.

It's also got a "Master Slave Control System" that lets you remotely control its arms via a miniature model, voodoo-style.

If that doesn't convince you that the Kuratas is insane, the built-in 3G signal and iPhone controls might.

Capable of rolling (it doesn't run, it's legs have wheels) at a max speed of 10 kilometers per hour (about 6 miles per hour), the Kuratas won't have the agility to escape falling skyscraper debris, so factor that into your purchase decision.

On the weapons front are two options: a "Lohas Launcher" that appears to blast water and a twin gatling gun that can fire 6,000 BB bullets per minute when the pilot smiles. We're not kidding, watch the video yourself.

In summary, the Kuratas is an awesome robot and has our stamp for best "toy" of the year! But, the the first mom or dad to get their kid one is going to win the hard-fought-for parent of the year medal.

Suidobashi Heavy Industry, via Geekologie, via DesignYouTrust

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