4 more revealing pics of Apple's first iPad prototype, now in color

Yesterday's reveal of Apple's 2002 iPad prototype definitely took us by surprise. But those photos were small, slightly grainy and in black and white. Four more photos of the original iPad prototype have surfaced, this time compared to an iPad 2, and in COLOR.

By way of BuzzFeed, these four pics of the early iPad prototype show just how thick the original tablet Apple was a decade ago was. Nearly an inch thick, the prototype tablet would be considered a bloated cow compared to today's tablets. A 30-pin port lifted from the iPod, 3.5mm audio jack, black bezel and unibody design of the iPad are clearly present in the prototype.

Timing was key to the iPad's success. That, along with breakthroughs in mobile silicon, battery and display design were all factors that led to the iPad being the right product at the right time. Had Apple released this prototype iPad back in 2002, it would most likely have failed.

Having seen this early-stage mock-up, it makes you wonder what Apple is cooking up in its labs right now that won't see the light of day for another 10 years. Wearable computers? Implantable technology? iPlane? iCar? Who knows!


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