29-button Starcraft II arcade stick is the ultimate RTS controller

Are you a huge Starcraft II fan? Do you spend way too many hours playing real-time strategy games with your fingers curled over the keyboard? Then, this custom Starcraft II arcade stick with its 29 buttons and giant mouse ball is the RTS controller you should lust over.

Designed by Mauricio Romano for Shoryuken's ultimate Starcraft II arcade stick contest, Romano's controller is a bit of a beast.

Instead of a keyboard, the stick uses a matrix of Sanwa buttons traditionally used in fighting game arcade sticks. The larger buttons on the bottom left and right of the button array are for the CTRL, SHIFT, and Space keys. When plugged in via USB, the stick is recognized as a normal keyboard.  No button mapping required.

The hemisphere you see on the right is a fully working 2-button mouse build using an Ultrastik analog joystick configured as an absolute pointing device.  This allows for an RTS like feel while still maintaining the two-hands-on-the-stick spirit of a fight sticks.

Shoryuken says that the controller still isn't a better solution than a mechanical keyboard and mouse, but concludes that it's a decent alternative and a hell of a mod.

See for yourself in the video below. Personally, I just love custom mods.

Via Shoryuken, via The Verge

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