You probably use pirated software, study shows

Don't feel so bad about your pirated version of Photoshop, since a new study reveals that more than half of computers use pirated software. And we already knew the Pope was a software pirate. Though the metrics for "pirated software" seem a bit lackluster.

The Business Software Alliance, which consists of Apple, Microsoft, Adobe and other companies that make software, conducted a study by looking at 15,000 computers from 33 countries. BSA then asked them "how often do you acquire pirated software or software that is not fully licensed?"

Fifty-seven perfect answered in the affirmative, from "occasionally" to "all of the time," which is a 42 percent bump from last year. Though, the wording does seem a little strange: is a demo program "not fully licensed"?

Regardless, the study found that those who answered in the affirmative install about 55 percent more programs on their computers than those who don't pirate software, not the most surprising of finds.

Those in the developing world pirated twice as much as those in the developed world.

This amount of pirating, according to the BSA, equates to about $63.4 billion a year.

Hard to imagine how large these companies would be with an added $63.4 billion in their collective pockets.

Via electronista

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